Marconi’s Invention

For many years, in fact, before many of us were born, the radio existed. We do not have a reason to ask where it comes from or why it works, as long as it is playing that which we love, why ask questions? The reality is though that discovery of … [Continue reading]

Chemical Process Invention

When we hear the word “invention”, the first thing to come to mind is usually images of new and innovative gadgets. We often think of inventions as being easily identifiable, tangible objects geared towards making our lives easier. While it’s true … [Continue reading]

Show Me The Latest Invention

If you do a web search on “the latest inventions”, you’ll see immediately that many people across the world are working on new inventions, to perform an endless number of tasks. Our innovative nature has led us to make astounding leaps and bounds … [Continue reading]

Invention Timeline

invention timeline

An invention timeline can be described as the path that takes a new process or product from conception to realization. An invention could be based on improving earlier ideas or could be something completely new and unthought of. We, as humans, … [Continue reading]

Invention Ideas For Kids

Children need to been inspired to become something great and wonderful in their lifetime. This is possible with any child from any background. One way to aspire for success is to become an inventor but how to go about it can be very tricky. As … [Continue reading]

Invention Of The Radio

The invention of the radio was one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century However, the radio invention was, and still is, surrounded in controversy. At least three inventors lay claim to the invention of the radio. They are Nikola … [Continue reading]

Chinese Inventions

Chinese inventions span thousands of years, and the Chinese have introduced many important inventions and innovations in the world. To fully appreciate the significance of Chinese inventions, it is helpful to consider how ancient some of them are, … [Continue reading]

Who Invented The Toilet

Some people often mistakenly think that it was certain Thomas Crapper who invented the toilet about 300 years ago. That is an urban myth. There was a Thomas Crapper, a plumber who apparently had several patents, but he did not 'invent' what we … [Continue reading]

Invention Of The Barcode

The bar code is a really a brilliant invention. It has simplified the entire shopping experience, making it quick and easy to add shopping items to a bill. But it didn't fall out of the sky, someone had to invent it first. The invention of the bar … [Continue reading]

Who Invented Velcro

Some things are so commonplace, so part of our everyday lives, that we don't think twice about them. Velcro is such a thing. We use it every day on our clothes, shoes, surfboards and around the house in carpets, notebooks, suitcases and other … [Continue reading]