Trademark Attorney

A trademark attorney is a qualified legal practitioner that specializes in dealing with all aspects of trademarking, from performing a trademark search to applying for a new trademark, to modifying or deregistering a trademark.

Trademarks are unique, usually commercial names, slogans, words or signs that distinctively identify a commercial product or service. If you wish to be able to market a product or service with the legal protection that a third-party will not copy, use or even misuse your name (without legal consequences), then it is vital that you find a trademark attorney.

In many Commonwealth countries, the trademark attorney profession is highly specialized and regulated by a trademark body. For instance, in countries like Australia and England, trademark attorneys are regarded as part of a distinct legal profession in their own right, and they need to have a distinct qualification, over and above a general law degree, in order to practice. In the United States, while there are an increasing amount of trade mark attorney firms, the profession is more open to general law practitioners, and any qualified lawyer is able to work for individuals and corporations in dealing with the United States Patent and Trademark office. However it is not recommended to use a general legal practitioner for trade mark cases, and one should always seek the advice of an experienced and well-versed trademark attorney.

It is advisable finding a trademark attorney in your area, as the trademarking process is lengthy and time-consuming, and you will want to be in regular contact with your practitioner.

How to find or verify a trademark attorney in your area or district

In The United States

Type ‘trademark attorney’ as well as your city, town or state into the following search box, and you will be provided with a selection of local trade mark lawyers in your area:

In the United Kingdom

It is best to verify a trademark attorney through the Institute of Trademark Attorneys, where you can do a search for a qualified practitioner in your county.

In Australia

You can contact or do a search at The Institute of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys of Australia.


You can contact the International Trademark Association.

Good luck (and a bit of hard work and effort too!).